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I created this blog to take you along with me As I navigate through flower farming and hopefully be able to provide some helpful insights on what worked for me and what didn’t. I strive to be consistent on here to provide my highs and my lows to give an accurate representation on what it takes to be a flower farmer. As I learn and grown through trial and error I plan to share with you helpful tips and tricks so hopefully you don’t have to make as many mistakes as I did!!

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Latest from the Blog

The best POYNT of sale System!!

Since being in business I have tried just about every method for taking payments it seems like and finally have found one that just makes my life so much easier!! I have an online store front as well with Godaddy and sell things at my pop up shops so trying to blend those two things […]

Season Extension Tunnels

What if I told you you could get flowers earlier? Yes its true and if you can add in a easy to build structure to be the first in your area to have dahlias would you ? Getting the first blooms of the season will not only set you apart from other farmers in our […]

How I battle weeds!!

So its inevitable that the weeds will come and its just part of growing but I have found one thing that really helps cut back on them !! My first year growing flowers on a commercial level I though that landscape fabric was the only way to go. The fall before my first year I […]

Farming is not what it looks like from the outside

As you scroll through the highlight reel of Instagram, it may look like I’m frolicking through fields of flowers all day long but that just is not the reality of what is actually happening on a daily basis. I get messages all day long saying how magical flower farming must be and how fun playing […]

DIY Germination heating box

During the colder months of winter your seeds need supplemental heat to get started and germinate when growing in an un heated greenhouse. The air itself isn’t as crucial as the soil temperature to get seeds to germinate. Adding a heat source to warm up your soil will speed things along allowing you to start […]

Succession Planting

Succession planting is a method of staggering propagation of crops to produce a continual supply to extend the harvest season. Essentially planting seeds on a schedule so you can get blooms at different times . Its a method that a lot of people use for all sorts of things such as vegetables and flowers. When […]

Incubating duck eggs

As spring is just around the corner our local feed store just announced that they have chicks!! If you are from a small town like me chicks at the feed store are exciting!! You walk in to the sound of chirping babies and stock tanks lined up with heat lamps!! My kids love to walk […]

Soil Blocking

A “soil block” is a square of potting soil that is compressed into a mold forming a block. When most people see them they mistake them as brownie’s. I honestly think I am more fond of soil blocking than brownies, and that’s definitely saying something because this girl loves chocolate!! Soil blocking is a method […]

Growing Sunflowers

Going in to my second year officially with the Title ” Flower Farmer” I can confidently say I have picked my favorites!! Sunflowers have soon grown to be on the top of my list of favorite flowers to grow and we have started getting ready for their appearance on the farm!! They have proven to […]

Propagating Dahlias

As we go in to February , it feels like I just finished dividing and tucking all the Dahlia tubers in for the winter, But its now to start pulling them all back out again!! I have started slowly been gathering varieties that I want to Propagate and bringing them in to my office and […]

Lets talk about mulch

I can never have to much mulch!! In my opinion mulch is the holy grail of farming. I truly believe its the save all for a lot of issues when it comes to farming and its something that is cheap and accessible to all. It solves so many common problems like suppression of weeds and […]