To Pre-Sprout or not to Pre-Sprout your Ranunculus and Anemones

Well Fall has come and gone and we are in the thick of winter!! I’m not sure how I feel about it but it is what it is!! I’m not to fond of the cold I will be honest but the slower pace of life is a great reset for me and I do really enjoy that part.

It allows me to look back on the last year , make changes and adjust and get all the tasks done that I didn’t get done when the weather was nice. I will say another perk to winter is That I am inside more often so my house is cleaner HAHA.

In looking back at the first year I’m trying to explore ways to make things more efficient and cut corners if you will in some areas know that I got my first year out of the way. My first year I did things by the book so to speak. Followed all the steps and I am glad that I did but Know I get to adjust and trial some different ways and that’s exactly what I did this year with the Ranunculus and Anemones.

So my first year growing Ranunculus and Anemones every thing I read said to pre sprout them. Pre-sprouting it where you essentially wake them up by soaking them and placing them in a tray with soil until they form roots and then once they form roots then you place them in the ground . This process can cake up to three weeks if not more and is time consuming and takes up space. They have to be placed in a cool dark environment and kept watered but not soaking. It was a tedious chore last year and honestly made me question if these divas had a place on the farm the next year.

After seeing other people talking about not pre sprouting them my ears perked up and to the internet I went!! Turns out its an extra step that isn’t required and I was all about it. My other issue with growing ranunculus, Anemone’s and other bulbs last year was the infestation of moles that I just cant shake. They reeked havoc on all my bulbs and corms last year so I was determined to find a way to grow them in crates . My frugal butt was not about to pay full price for them and I was lucky enough to find a whole pallet of collapsible crates on Facebook market place for a really good deal on some. I not only was able to use the crates to grow corms and bulbs in I was able to use them to store my dahlia tubers so that was a bonus!!

So I definitely switched things up this year as far as my fall planting goes and so far it has been a great choice. I think I grew some where around 3,000 ranunculus and anemones and even tried my hand at butterfly ranunculus. I have been drooling over these beauties and was excited to get my hands on some!!. I will say the size difference in corms versus regular ranunculus is crazy !!

So as always in trying something new The unknown is always an uncomfortable feeling. After I soaked the corms for 4 hours, in the crates they went . In trying to stay organized I labeled each crate with a number then wrote down what variety went in what corresponding crate number .

It was a team effort and my son was eager to help me. I love being able to include him tasks like this around the farm . I gotta get in all the help from him that I can until he is too cool to help his mom !! In the unknown of never not Pre sprouting them before I watched the crates like a hawk!! I knew dang well it was going to take awhile before I saw them sprout through the soil but sure as heck I checked on them like crazy!! So I planted them on October 30th and saw them sprout though substantially on November 19th .

So that’s about three weeks to come through the soil . I look at it like I just gained three weeks because if I choose to pre sprout them they would just be probably going in to the soil and then not reach this size for another couple so its a win win to me. I not only saved a step and labor they are now ahead and thriving in there permanent home. When you pre-sprout they only grow roots not foliage because they don’t have light so when you put them directly in the ground it gives them the chance to do both!!

I can officially say I am definitely team no Pre-sprout when it come to Ranunculus and anemones and don’t think I will ever go back ! I guess these divas do have a place here on the farm because they aren’t as high maintenance as I thought. I mean just look at them I cant not grow them !! they are just too good!!

I am so anxious for spring for when the farm has color again! I’m eager to hear if anyone else has any pros or cons of pre-sprouting corms so please be sure to leave comments of how you grow your anemones and ranunculus because I am always open to hearing what works for everyone else!!

Until next time

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