Succession Planting

Succession planting is a method of staggering propagation of crops to produce a continual supply to extend the harvest season. Essentially planting seeds on a schedule so you can get blooms at different times . Its a method that a lot of people use for all sorts of things such as vegetables and flowers. When you plant everything at the same time you get all your blooms or veggies at the same time so succession planting will stager your harvest so you have them for a longer period of time.

I will be honest if feels weird I am even talking about this topic because I am the worst at doing this!! HAHA I am getting better but I don’t use a schedule. I know, I know trying to properly succession plant without a schedule goes against the grain but what can I say that’s my way of doing most things!! I have a hang-up when it comes to schedules and the rebel in me goes against them !! I have found that when I have an official schedule or lock in what I am supposed to be doing I rebel and sabotage my self. Growing is something I am so passionate about and really enjoy it so things like schedules turns it in to a chore and I hate chores!! I have found for me that when I give myself the freedom to choose what I am doing and when I am doing it I am more successful and accomplish a great deal more. It also keeps the fun in growing for me alive. I do write down what needs to be done but as far as when I leave that open so I don’t feel the pressure. This way of doing things doesn’t work for everyone and if you are a very scheduled person this will probably drive you crazy but its what works for me. With all that being said I am a true believer in staggering your planting and have seen how beneficial it can be.

Whether you are a home Gardner or a high producing farm, succession planting is key to prolonging your harvest so you are not inundated with your product all at once. Have you every planted a vegetable garden and plant 5 zucchini plants at the same time and end up with truck loads of zucchini and find yourself begging people to take them because you cant possibly eat them all, then succession planting is for you . When we grow we want to be as sustainable as possible with as little waste as possible so staggering your planting will help with less waste. In the flower industry bucket loads of blooms are great but if you don’t have a way to sell them or a customer who is interested in them throwing those beautiful blooms in the compost hurts a little.

I am a firm believer in doing what works for you and not feel like you have to do what everyone else says . Each individual is different and thinks and operates differently so when growing do what works for you . Don’t feel like you have to try everything or listen to every piece of advice given . I want every grower to enjoy what they are doing and truly embrace the magic that it holds so instead of keeping up with the Jones’s so to speak , just do what works for you . As far as succession planting if this sounds like to much work to you then you do you ! If you find that you are wasting more than you are consuming or selling than ask yourself what can I do to be more sustainable. If that means donating your extra food to a food bank, canning it for later , providing food to our animals or composting it so it can be used as food to our soil than do that. I think no matter what works for you we can all agree that trying to be as sustainable as possible is a good thing so taking steps to be the best version of sustainable as we can is helpful and important to the earth.

If succession planting sounds interesting to you and you are wanting to get more organized in you garden this year below you will find free printable downloads to help you do just that !! The download buttons to all of the sheets are at the bottom of the page!

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