The best POYNT of sale System!!

Since being in business I have tried just about every method for taking payments it seems like and finally have found one that just makes my life so much easier!! I have an online store front as well with Godaddy and sell things at my pop up shops so trying to blend those two things together has always been a challenge until now!! Go daddy has teamed up with POYNT to create a point of sale system that bridges that gap and has created an easy to use customizable point of sale system that wont break the bank!!

This POS system has so many amazing features I don’t even know where to begin!!

  • Wireless
  • Has built in receipt printer that also prints end of day reports!!
  • Barcode Scanner
  • links to online store front
  • customizable screens with colors and icons!
  • takes all credit cards and apple pay
  • has a loyalty program for your loyal customers to receive points or percentages off !!
  • Touch screen
  • long battery life
  • allows an option to receive tips

So out of all these amazing features I think one of the best features for me was that it links to my online store front and transfers my online products in to a catalog . I don’t have a brick and mortar store so the products I sell online are also brought to pop up’s with my mobile trailer so this feature makes my life so much easier. Not only does it carry over my online store front products I can add custom ones just for the POS system like my bouquets!!

Now with this amazing and powerful POS it also has a barcode scanner!! Yes a built in camera that scans barcodes!! I feel extra fancy when I use this feature like ” Who am I ” but I love it!! So to create bar codes for my products I use my Phomeo thermal printer I got on amazon!! Another amazing tool I use on a daily basis!!

I absolutely love the customizable features that this POS system has too!! It lets you upload and create customizable screens as well as your receipts!! Yes it also has a built in receipt printer!! I love that it gives the customer an option for a paper receipt and email or text. Typically I will say though that most people decline a physical receipt but it allows you as the merchant to batch a report at the end of your day and print a receipt that shows your sales and transactions and I love this feature so much !! It keeps me Soo organized!

When running a small business a tribe of people who support you is everything!! with this system you get to create a Customer loyalty program that can be tailored to it your needs. You can set it up so that with every dollar they spend they receive points or a percentage off !! All they do at check out is put in there phone number and it texts them a QR code with the points they earn and how many more they need to receive a discount off there next purchase !! This feature is such a game change for us small business owners that elevates what we do to give back to the people who keep us going!!

I could go on and on about how amazing this System is ! It has some of the most high tech features that I didn’t know was possible in a hand held system. It is so user friendly and easy to figure out that my mom even knows how to use it when he helps me with events!! If you do mobile sales or sales of any kind honestly you have to check it out!! It does require a network connection but when I am out doing pop ups I just use my phone as a hot spot and it works great!! To learn more about this amazing system go check out all the online info they have and give it a try!! Right know they are offering this amazing system for just $249.00. If you have looked in to some of the other systems out there this price point for what you get is a great deal !!

Oh and I totally forgot to mention that the Transaction fee Is only

2.3% per transaction

Just for reference Stripe charge 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction and PayPal is 2.89% + 0.49 cents per fee .

No matter how you process payments there will be a fee other than cash of course…..Shhhh .. so when choosing a Point of sale system a low transaction fee is a big deal . To learn more click the box below!!

To learn more click the blue box above

Until next time,

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